Sponsorship Questionnaire – The Original Nomad

Sponsorship Questionnaire

Win a Sponsorship from The Original Nomad  

Yep, take a Collapsible Tub on your next weekend adventure for FREE!

All we ask in return is a great story (make sure to keep a journal) and even better photos to share with our friends, website, and social media. 

To enter, answer the Questionnaire below and email answers to laura@theoriginalnomad.com.


Requested dates (month and days) for your Sponsored weekend
Who are you? (over 18, and able to pick up the tub from our location)

What do you do?

Where will you take the tub if you win the sponsorship?

Who will you take with you?

Give 3 examples of your outdoor photography.

Any additional reasons you should win the sponsorship?