LAUNCH PARTY IMAGES April 03 2014, 6 Comments

Our launch party was a great success and we would like to thank everybody that came out to soak and our friends that worked so hard on their hot tub scenes and the overall production:

- Emily Katz
- General Merriment: Shayda Rohani
- Boet: Emily Bixler
- Laura Irwin
- 99 West Offroad
- FREST coast
- Field Day Fiests
- Union Wine Co.
- New Deal Vodka
- Kuza Burger
- Scoop Handmade Ice Cream
- The Colony
- CREW: Adrian Apadaca, Matt Cole, Mimi Dahn, Lauren Lauren Krzyzynski, Jeremy Ingabrand, Roy Snair, Justin Hume, Rebecca Preist,     David Bertman, Teak Wall

More to come...