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FAQ & Instructions



  2. Find level ground and remove any sharp objects where the tub will be located. (NEVER SET TUB UP ON WOOD DECKS. THE TUB WITH WATER AND OCCUPANTS WILL WEIGH 1500 LBS – 2000 LBS)
  3. Remove tub from box, unroll and layout flat.
  4. Take the (4) upper frame tubes and insert one tube per sleeve opening located at the top of tub.
  5. Take the (1) of the (4) legs and install (1) leg at each opening to connect top frame and leg. NOTE: the last leg will take a little effort to connect and completing the tub and frame connection. We have increased the thickness of the tub material and removed the reinforcement patches for the legs and coil ports.
  6. Remove coil from box and turn upside down to install the three hairpin legs.
  7. Install your Bayou Classic 10 psi high output regulator with hose and orifice (NEVER USE A BBQ REGULATOR. THEY DO NOT HAVE ADJUSTMENT KNOB AND WILL NOT HAVE ENOUGH PROPANE FLOW TO POWER THE 12 JETS IN THE BURNER) into the coil gas line located at the bottom of coil.
  8. Position tub and coil unit away from any weeds, tall grass, and any flammable objects.
  9. Install both of the through wall ports in each of the holes in the tub
  10. Install both hose pieces onto the coil tubes.
  11. Connect the coil hose pieces to the through ports and tighten all (4) hose clamps.
  12. Hook propane regulator to propane tank. Make sure that both regulator knob and propane tank knob are turned in the off position. (The propane regulator has a safety feature that locks and closes the gas flow if the regulator knob is turned on before it is attached to the propane tank. To reset the regulator. Unscrew regulator from propane tank and make sure both regulator knob and propane knob are turned off. Screw regulator back on to the propane tank.
  13. To ignite burner: Put lid back on coil before igniting. Turn propane tank knob completely open. Then turn the regulator knob just enough to let enough propane to light one jet. Use a long BBQ lighter to ignite one propane jet. Once the jet is lit, stand back and turn the propane knob completely open. Both knobs on the regulator and the propane tank should be completely open.
  14. Cover hot tub to speed up heating time and stir the water every 30 minutes until water reaches desired soaking temperature. To avoid the risk of burns always test water temperature before entering tub.  After tub reaches desired temperature lower flame on propane burner and turn up when water needs to be heated.



-Some of the burner’s will not ignite. The propane tank is almost empty and doesn’t have enough pressure to push the propane to all of the jets.

-No propane is flowing out of jets or none of the jets are firing. The regulator has a safety feature that closes the flow of fuel if the (small) regulator valve is turned on before the (big) valve on the propane tank. To reset/open the regulator, close both (small) regulator valve and (big) regulator valve and completely remove the regulator form the propane tank. Re-attach the propane regulator to the propane tank securely. Turn on the propane tank (large) knob all the way open. Turn the (small) regulator knob just enough to light one of the burner jets. Once one of the jets has ignited turn the (small)-knob on the regulator all the way. Adjust the flow of the jets with the (small) regulator nob.

-Why is the coil backfiring or sputtering? The coil is on an incline and needs to be leveled out.


-How does it work? The water is cycled through the tub and coil by thermo-syphoning: Cold water is pulled into the lower port of the coil by the heat created from the propane burner or firewood. The cold water is heated to approximately 160 degrees Fahrenheit when it exits the upper port of the coil.

-What do I need to ignite the coil? Matches or long bbq style lighter

-Can I buy the coil separately? YES. Refer to our website for details.

-How do I find a galvanized tub? Contact The Original Nomad and we will source a galvanized tub distributor in your area. We have sourced tub distributors internationally.

-How much does the tub and coil weigh with water? Approximately 1900 lbs.

-How long does a tank of propane last? A 20 lbs. tank will last for a 5-6 hour soak in 40-50 deg. air temperature and last for a 6-7 hour soak in 60-70 deg. air temperature.

-How long does it take to heat up? To achieve water temperature of 105 deg. Fahrenheit it will take 2-2.5 hours with an air temperature of 60-70 deg. Fahrenheit, and will take 3-3.5 hours with an air temperature of 35-50 deg. Fahrenheit.

-How do I control the heat? Control the heat with the flow control valve on

-How do I fill the collapsible tub out camping? Most established campsites will have water spigots near the campsites. When camping in remote campsite near a body of water. We recommend the Honda WX10 portable water pump. It retails for $375-$425 USD.

How do you keep the water clean? We recommend Epsom salts. You can also use chlorine as well.

-Cover tub to insulate and use white rubber hose adaptor to speed up heating times.


 Set up the coil with the legs in place and make sure it's level. Then place it in front of the seam of the galv. Tub. Then trace around the tubes with a marker to get hole placement. The use a 1 3/8" hole saw (at any hardware store) and drill the two holes. Deburr edges and attach the coil and fill tub with water.


You will need channel lock pliers or a pipe wrench to perform to remove the burner. Place the coil on its side. Put the pliers on the tube of the propane burner, and with a firm grip, begin to turn the burner counter clock wise until the burner is removed from the coil. Place the firewood inside and around the back of the coil making sure the flame does not burn the tub or hose connections.

Note: Heating results using firewood will vary and will depend on how well you maintain the fire. Always use dry/seasoned firewood and never leave the fire unattended.