Nomad Tub & Coil Combo – The Original Nomad

Nomad Tub & Coil Combo

$ 765.00

Save Big When You Purchase The Tub and Coil Together. (TUB AND COIL COMBINED WEIGHT 50 lbs).

The Original Nomad Collapsible Tub and Water Heater Coil Combo is extra portable, (complete setup fits into a 14" x 16" 30" duffel bag)  bring it camping or set it up in your own backyard. We designed our tub to be easy to build and get soaking. When out in the wild and need to fill the the tub, we recommend and use a Honda WX10 portable water pump that is capable of filling the Nomad tub in 15 minutes and drains it just as quick.

DIMENSIONS: 60" dia. (top) x 24" H x 56" dia. (bottom) 
MATERIAL: 18 oz. Vinyl Walls and 24 oz. Vinyl Floor

The Original Nomad heater coil is a hot water on demand unit that can be heated with propane or firewood. It’s constructed from 1.25" stainless steel and uses thermosyphoning to circulate the water, so no water pump is needed. The Nomad heater coil can be purchased separately and can be used to heat most tubs with our universal through wall adapter kit which is included with the coil purchase.

-To achieve water temp of 105+ (F) it takes 2-2.1/2 hours in air temp at 50-60 deg. (F) and 3-3.1/2 at air temp at 40-50 deg. (F).
-DIMENSIONS: 8" h x 14" dia. with legs 14" h x 14" dia.
-INCLUDED: Tub and Coil with propane burner, 3 removable hairpin legs and universal through wall tub adapter kit.
-NOT INCLUDED: Propane Regulator & Propane tank.

Allow 3-4 week lead time. 
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Made in Portland, OR.