Nomad Hitch Camper with Roof Top Tent & Annex – The Original Nomad

Nomad Hitch Camper with Roof Top Tent & Annex

$ 5,650.00

The Nomad Hitch Camper is a self contained camping unit for extended off the grid adventures. This unit mounts to any 2" trailer hitch and can be removed and left at camp. It is also hinged so it can swing open to access the rear compartment of the automobile.
Features Included:
-Roof top tent with annex
- 10 gallon fresh water tank:
- Water pump (1.2 gallons per minute):
- Instant hot water heater for the sink or showering after surfing:
- Storage cabinets
- Fold Down table/cook top
- Fully adjustable & removable jack legs for any vehicle height.
- Total dry weight is approximately 300 lbs.
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Made in Portland, OR.